Our Smart meters confirm to IS 16444 and they are based on advanced Hybrid using – 6LOWPAN RF Mesh, GPRS and PLC. Our Communication technology provides long distance range and high level secure two way data communication. We have system latency and data reliability making it most preferred technology in the domain.

  1. Domestic Consumer Energy Metering.
  2. Industrial Consumer Energy Metering.
  3. Residential Complex Energy Metering.
  • Our Smart meters are equipped with high reliability disconnectionmechanism using Latching relays tested for more than 10 Millionoperations. We provide turnkey solutions for various AMR and SMART GRID application.
  • Communication Facility: Galvanically isolated optical RS-232 port, Infra-Red (IR) port, Low Power Radio/RF (LPR), etc. can be provided as per customer’s requirement for downloading of load profile, tamper history, Billing History and consumer details etc. for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Anti-Tamper Features: Our meters work accurately under various tamper conditions such as Phase-Neutral Interchange, Load-Supply Interchange, Earth loading, Magnetic Influence, Meter Cover opening, Neutral Missing and other user-defined conditions.
  • Measuring Parameters: Cumulative Active Energy (KWH), Maximum Demand (MD in kW. KVA), Instantaneous Voltage, Current, Power factor, Frequency, Billing Parameters, Date, Time, No. of tampers with date & time of occurrence & restoration, History, Time of Day (TOD) parameters etc. as per customers requirement.