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Efficient Power Measurement for DG Sets and Grid Power

Dual Source Meters

Experience the convenience and cost-saving benefits of our Dual Source (DRDR) metering system. With this innovative solution, you can measure the power consumption of both DG Sets and Grid power using a single meter and power feeding line, eliminating the need for multiple meters and power lines.

Advantages of Dual Source Meter

Pre-paid or Post-Paid Functionality: Enjoy Flexibility

Our Dual Source Meters offer both pre-paid and post-paid functionality, giving you the
freedom to choose the payment method that suits you best. Experience hassle-free
operations and seamless power management.

Mobile App for Consumer: Convenient Payment and Real-Time Data

We provide a user-friendly mobile app that allows consumers to make payments easily and access real-time electricity data. Stay in control of your power consumption and enjoy the convenience of instant information at your fingertips.

MDM System for Utility or Maintenance Department: Streamlined Billing and Collection

Our Meter Data Management (MDM) system simplifies billing and collection processes for
utilities or maintenance departments. Experience faster and more accurate billing, leading to improved consumer satisfaction.

Space-Saving and Simplified Electrical Installation: Cost-Effective Solution

By utilizing our Dual Source Meters, you can save space and simplify electrical installations. This results in reduced electrical lesser costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your power measurement needs.

Easier and Faster Maintenance: Cost-Effective Solution

Maintaining our Dual Source Meters is both easier and faster, resulting in reduced
maintenance costs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your power measurement system is reliable and requires minimal upkeep.

Building Maintenance Fee Collection: Hassle-Free Service

Our system also enables the collection of building maintenance fees. Experience the convenience of a hassle-free single-window service and payment system for both consumers and service providers.

Highly Flexible Metering System: Easy-to-Use Display and Remote Communication

Our Dual Source Meters feature a highly flexible metering system, complete with an easy-
to-use display and remote communication capabilities. Stay informed and in control of your power consumption with our user-friendly interface.

Choose our Dual Source Meters for efficient, reliable, and flexible power measurement.
Experience the convenience of a single metering solution for both DG Sets and Grid power, streamlining your power management processes. Contact us today to find out how our innovative metering system can benefit you.