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Smart Meter Procurement

AEW Leading the Charge in Smart Meter Procurement Trends

Smart Meter Procurement Trends

Embracing and Driving the smart meter procurement trends, Allied Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. is at the forefront of a prominent smart meter manufacturer. Here’s how AEW is aligning with the current industry trends:

Embracing IoT and Advanced Analytics

At AEW, we add IoT features to our smart meters. This allows real-time data collection and advanced analytics. Our smart meters connect easily with smart grid systems. They give useful insights to utility companies and end-users. This makes our procurement more efficient.

IoT and Advanced Analytics in Smart Meter Procurement

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

At AEW we focus on cybersecurity. We protect data with secure firmware and advanced encryption. Our procurement process includes thorough checks of cybersecurity features. This ensures top data protection.


Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is important at AEW. We make energy-efficient meters, use eco-friendly materials, and prefer suppliers who share our green values in our smart meter procurement.


Adhering to Industry Standards

AEW supports standardization and interoperability. Our smart meters follow industry standards like DLMS/COSEM. This ensures they work well with other devices and systems. We are active in industry forums to promote these standards. This is key to smart meter procurement.

Industry Standards

Ensuring Data Privacy

Data privacy is crucial at AEW. Our smart meters comply with international data privacy laws, like GDPR. Our smart meter procurement specs include strict data privacy rules. This protects consumer information.

Data Privacy

Leveraging Advanced Communication Technologies

We use advanced communication technologies like 4G, 2G, BLE, Wi-SUN, and RF. These improve the performance of our smart meters. They ensure reliable data transmission. This makes our smart meters future-ready solutions. It is key to our procurements.

Advanced Communication Technologies

Diversifying the Supplier Base

Our smart meter procurement strategy includes working with various vendors. This reduces reliance on any single source. It minimizes risks.

Supplier Base

Bulk Procurement for Cost Efficiency

We buy components in bulk to get better terms from suppliers. We pass on cost savings to our customers. The procurement sector is rapidly changing with new products and shifting consumer needs.

bulk Smart Meter Procurement


The smart meter industry is changing fast due to technological advancement and market demand. Allied Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. is leading by aligning its procurement practices with these trends. We ensure our products are secure, sustainable, and equipped with the latest technologies for modern energy management.