ConductorRound wire of annealed high conductivity copper
InsulationEach conductor is insulated with solid PE
QuaddingFour insulated conductors stranded to form a star quad.
Laying UpThe quads are assembled to form a symmetrical core with a right hand lay. Polyethylene strings of required diameter may be used as fillers, if necessary.
Filling & core wrappingThe cable core is fully filled with water -resistant compound and wrapped with polyethylene.
Moisture BarrierAluminium tape coated with co-polymer on both sides is applied longitudinally over the cable core with a specified overlap.
SheathingThe screened cable core is sheathed with black polythene compound as per BS:6234.
Screening & protectionThe cable core with inner sheath is surrounded by a reasonably close fitted screen of Aluminium in the form of wires/ strips . The aluminium screen is wrapped with a single layer of woven tape impregnated with Barium chromate with overlap.
Intermediate sheathFurther protection of screening is provided by extruded PVC/PE sheath over screening.
ArmouringArmouring with two applications of Galvanized steel tape each applied helically with a specified gap.
JacketingThe armoured cable is finally jacketed with black PVC/PE compound.


  • Suitable for Direct burial application
  • Armoured construction
  • Availability of standard conductor sizes of 0.9 mm & 1.4 mm diameter
  • Available in 4 and 6 quads.
  • Suitable for use on AC systems (earthed or unearthed) for rated voltage up to and including 1100 volts.
  • These cables may be used on DC systems for rated voltages up to and including 1500 volts on earth.
Conductor DiameterConductor Resistance at 20ºCAttenuation at 20ºC
0.90mm28 (Each Core) Ω/Km (Max)
56 (loop) Ω/Km (Max)
4.40 dB/Km (Max. Avg.) at 150KHz
2 dB/Km (Max. Avg.)at 300-3400 Hz
1.4mm11.6 (Each Core) Ω/Km (Max)
23.2 (loop) Ω/Km (Max)
0.3 dB/Km (Max. Avg.) at 0.8KHz
0.8 dB/Km (Max. Avg.) at 5KHz
1.3 dB/Km (Max. Avg.) at 21KHz
2.5 dB/Km (Max. Avg.) at 150KHz
Mutual CapacitanceCapacitance Unbalance (800 Hz to 1000 Hz)
50 ± 2.5 nF/ Km (avg.)Pair to PairPair to Earth
50 ±6 nF/Km (individual)300 pF/Km (max.)1500 pF/Km (max. avg.)
0.90 mmELFEXT : 150 KHz 55 dB/Km Ind. (Min.) 67.8 dB/Km (RMS) (Min.)NEXT : 55 dB (min.) at 150 KHz
1.4 mmELFEXT : at 0.8KHz, 5KHz 21 KHz & 150 KHz 60.0 dB/Km Ind. (Min.) 70.8 dB/Km (RMS) (Min.)NEXT : 55 dB (min.) at 0.8 KHz, 5 KHz, 21 KHz & 150 KHz


0.90 mm 470 +/- 15% Ω at 0.8KHz 195 +/- 15% Ω at 5.0 KHz
1.4 mm 310 +/- 15% Ω at 0.8KHz 150 +/- 15% Ω at 5.0 KHz 110 +/- 15% Ω at 21.0 KHz 100 +/- 15% Ω at 150.0 KHz
No1 – White, Orange, Red , GreenNo2 – White, Blue, Red , Green
No3 – White, Brown, Red , GreenNo4 – White, Green, Red , Green
No5 – White, Yellow, Red , GreenNo6 – White, Black, Red , Green