We Offer Single Phase & Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter. Which are highly reliable & accurate.
  1. Domestic Consumer Energy Metering.
  2. Industrial Consumer Energy Metering.
  3. Residential Complex Energy Metering.
    1. Available in SingleThree Phase.
    2. Accuracy Class-1.
    3. Load can be disconnected in case the credit limit becomes Zero or the current exceeds the defined load limit.
    4. Buzzer to give alarm in case of low credit/overload.
    5. Transparent system for utility and consumers.
    6. NFC card/Keypad Input Recharge Mechanism available.
    7. Anti-tamper features provided in the meter as per Indian standards
  • Anti-Tamper Features: Our meters work accurately under various tamper conditions such as Phase-Neutral Interchange, Load- Supply Interchange, Earth loading, Magnetic Influence, Meter Cover opening, Neutral Missing and other user-defined conditions.
  • Measuring Parameters: Cumulative Active Energy (KWH), Maximum Demand (MD in kW. KVA), Instantaneous Voltage, Current, Power factor, Frequency, Billing Parameters, Date, Time, No. of tampers with date & time of occurrence & restoration, History, Time of Day (TOD) parameters etc. as per customers requirement.