Operating Voltage :300/500V
Size :Available in following no of pairs : 1, 2 (1 Quad), 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 Pairs
Conductor:Solid/Stranded/Flexible Annealed Bare/Tinned copper class 1/2/5 to BS:6360
Insulation & Pairing / QuadingConductors are insulated with solid Polyethylene Type 03 as per BS:6234, uniformly twisted together to form a pair / quad with a max. lay length of 100 mm, and colour coded for identification.
Colour Code:As per BS:5308 Part-1
Pair shield(for individual pair Shielded cables only)Each twisted pair shielded with aluminium backed polyester tape and a tinned copper drain wire of size 0.5mm² .
AssemblyTwister pairs are cabled with nonhygroscopic fillers if necessary
Overall shieldThe entire assembly is shielded with aluminium polyester tape and a tinned copper drain wire of size 0.5mm².
Bedding:(applicable for Type 2 Cables)Extruded Black Polyethylene Type 2 C or 03 as per BS:6234.
Wire Armouring (applicable for Type 2 Cables)A serving of round galvanized steel wires as per BS:1442 is applied.
SheathType – 1 & 2 Extruded Black PVC Type TM1 of BS:6746.

For continuous use in deep well to supply power to submersible motors for the depth upto 500 mtrs.

Cross Sectional AreaMaximum Resistance at 20°C/Km
Class – 1
Solid Copper Conductor
Class – 2
Stranded Copper Conductor
Class – 5
Flexible Copper Conductor
Cross Sectional AreaRequirment as per BS:5308 Part – 1
Requirment as per BS:5308 Part – 1Cables with only collective screen (except 1 & 2 pair)1 Pair & 2 Pair with collective screen & all cables with individual pair screen


  • Type 1 – Unarmoured,
  • Type 2 – Armoured
  • Other conductor Sizes and Types, Alternative Colour Codes, Higher Pair Count and Sheath Material – FR/FRLS/Zero Halogen compounds are available on request
  • As an alternate, armoured cables shall be supplied with Flat Strip/ Double Steel Tape/ Wire Braided as per customer requirement.