We Offer Single Phase & Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter. Which are highly reliable & accurate.
  1. Domestic Consumer Energy Metering.
  2. Industrial Consumer Energy Metering.
  3. Residential Complex Energy Metering.

Communication Facility: Galvanically isolated optical RS-232 port, Infra-Red (IR) port, Low Power Radio/RF (LPR), etc. can be provided as per customer’s requirement for downloading of load profile, tamper history, Billing History and consumer details etc. for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
Anti-Tamper Features: Our meters work accurately under various tamper conditions such as Phase-Neutral Interchange, Load- Supply Interchange, Earth loading, Magnetic Influence, Meter Cover opening, Neutral Missing and other user-defined conditions.
Measuring Parameters: Cumulative Active Energy (KWH), Maximum Demand (MD in kW. KVA), Instantaneous Voltage, Current, Power factor, Frequency, Billing Parameters, Date, Time, No. of tampers with date & time of occurrence & restoration, History, Time of Day (TOD) parameters etc. as per customers requirement.